Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green Wedding / London Wedding Photography

I was recently a guest at a wedding here in New York City. The bride and groom chose a gorgeous venue, with a fantastic view of NY. But after watching the chosen photographers perform their duties, I realized just how different the thinking is for photographers only concerned with grabbing family formal shots, and posed images. I didn’t see them grab pictures of any of the natural story-telling moments that I’m sure the couple would have cherished for a lifetime. Instead, the bride and groom missed the entire cocktail hour, and then when it came time for the cake cutting, it was all but totally directed by the photographer. He was telling them where to stand, when to make the slice, and when to feed it to one another. One of THE most memorable moments, or which should be, taken over by the hired photographer all in the interest in them capturing posed images. Essentially taking away all of the natural emotion and candor it may have provided. I believe natural emotion is what couples really want to remember in their photos. Of course formal imagery can be important, I’ve learned that it is that it’s the job of the photographer to observe their surroundings, not become part of them. So instead of the photographer stepping in to pose an important moment, they should place themselves in the correct position for the best composition.

I actually stopped at the door to observe where the bride and groom were greeting guests as they entered the reception hall. They were giving everyone hugs, it being the first time they’re seeing their very special guests, on this most special day. What I didn’t observe was the the photographer taking pictures. They were nowhere to be seen, instead using this time as their “break”. Now, I may not have been in the preliminary meetings about what types of pictures the couple wanted, but I’m sure if the bride and groom would have been given the option of natural, emotion filled images, they would have wanted these hugs and laughs between friends captured on camera.

Here are some awesome pictures from a recent wedding world renowned wedding photojournalist, Kevin Mullins, captured at The Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green Wedding of Andreas and Tia. Just look at all the raw emotion, and oh yeah… The hugs and eye contact.

Photographed un July 2016 by UK Documentary Wedding Photographer Kevin Mullins.


Source: Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green Wedding / London Wedding Photography

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