Justina and Tyler Engagement 2018-01-19T05:11:07+00:00

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Justina and Tyler's wedding is a little less than a year away, and just like our first meeting, their engagement shoot was a blast. It was also extremely cold in the beginning. I typically use the engagement shoot to get a gauge of a couple and their energy. This helps plan for the actual wedding day where there are really no "do-overs" as a photographer. Something that's stressful, but also one of the exciting parts of being a wedding photographer/videographer. The engagement shoot is much more relaxed and free flowing, as there are no schedules to adhere to, or other people pinning for the bride and grooms attention. This shoot was incredibly fun, and I learned so much about Justina and Tyler.

The first thing Justina told me was they didn't want their pictures to turn out like "prom" photos. Ok, so no prom poses/photos... Check! I was happy to hear that since I like shooting couples in a more editorial/candid vibe. Of course, when planning an actual engagement shoot, some kind of posing is involved, but I fall back on my years of fashion and portrait shooting to make things look a bit more natural. I basically try and create vignettes into their lives that would normally happen, in this case, on a hike in gorgeous Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve. Even though there aren't any flowers this time a year, the location gave us a beautiful backdrop for their pre-wedding, engagement photoshoot. This is a perfect segue to their fall wedding, next October, in upstate New York.