Hampton Court Castle Wedding ~ Gorgeous Wedding of Sam & Vidya

This is a recent wedding at The Hampton Court Castle Wedding for Sam & Vidya, photographed by one of my mentors and favorite wedding photographers. UK based Wedding Photojournalist Kevin Mullins in May 2015. He is one of inspirations to doing wedding photography and capturing special moments, and people just being people. When I need my candid wedding inspo before a wedding, I always peruse his site for his latest wedding. He never ceases to amaze me the emotion and moments he observes and captures. He’s one of THE reasons I am drawn to candid wedding photography so much.

Take it away Mr. Mullins…

It was May, last year when I photographed the Hampton Court Castle Wedding of Sam and Vidya.

It was my first visit to this particular Hampton Court Castle, which is in Herefordshire of course (as opposed to the South West London one).

I have to say, that a Hampton Court Castle Wedding for a wedding photojournalist like me is pretty much a perfect venue.

It’s sprawling, it’s airy, it’s light and most of all, it has a lot of character and history.

I started my day with Vidya and her bridal party in the suite overlooking the long entry road to Hampton Court Castle.

It’s quite a view to behold and as the guests started arriving, the nerves started fluttering.

The Open Air Hampton Court Castle Wedding Ceremony

Thereafter, I headed to the courtyard for the ceremony and whilst the rain threatened, it did keep away and the ceremony was perfect in this open air environment.

Later in the day, after the speeches and wedding breakfast, we had some great dancing, bouquet tossing and fireworks to finish off the day.

My style, as a documentary wedding photographer, really enables me to explore the wedding and the Hampton Court Castle Wedding of Sam and Vidya was no exception.

Instead of asking people to “look at me”, or “say cheese”, it’s my responsibility to look for the light and moments that count at the wedding and hopefully tell a full story of the day, without the guests feeling “papped” or annoyed by the photographer.

Below is a small selection of my favourites from the Hampton Court Castle Wedding of Sam and Vidya.

I hope you like them, and please feel free to share – it does help me out.

I love all of these moments this couple will be able to look back on for the rest of their lives. Of course, if you’re in the UK and getting married, you should definitely contact him.

This is candid wedding photography at its best! Thank you Kevin for your inspiration, I’ll be stealing some of these ideas for my next wedding, most definitely!

Source: Hampton Court Castle Wedding ~ Gorgeous Wedding of Sam & Vidya

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