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Candid Wedding Photography

Taking photographs of people is THE thing that first attracted me to photography. It didn’t matter if I was shooting street photography, or fashion portraiture, I love capturing people on camera. This is what led me to wedding photography. Not only do I get to photograph weddings, I also learn and experience each couples’ unique relationship, and help them capture one of the most important times in their lives. Jackpot! This important day deserves to be observed and captured in a way that will curate these memories in a way that you will never forget. These are not only singular moments, but I work to create a visual narrative that tells the story of your day. Each photograph builds on the other throughout the day.

Our photographic style is extremely personal and unobtrusive, and thus we strive to capture special moments without becoming a part of them. We are extremely organized before and during your wedding day. We know that easy communication and gaining your trust will alleviate some of the things you may be worrying about. This organization and personal relationship we develop over the course of our commission will set you at ease. It also allows us to be even more creative during your day – especially with formal posed portraiture.

We have an extensive background in editorial and portraiture photography. So when asked, he is able to take formal pictures that lifts up and celebrates your relationship. Even though these photographs are posed, our editorial approach still tells a story. We understand how to pose, and make you look your best in your pictures. As professional photographers we are faced with taking 3 dimensional objects and putting them on a 2 dimensional medium. This is why our attention to posture and how different lenses affect composition, places us above others who may not have similar experience.

Of course, you probably still have so many more questions. We know from experience, this is a hard decision to make. Not only is it important that your photographer be able to be a problem solver and take fantastic images. They should also be easy to be around in case those unexpected moments occur. We invite you to get to know us a little better by contacting us at your convenience. Our involvement and consistency in communication ensures that you will have some of the most unique and personal wedding photographs that you will want to hang on your walls, and show to your friends and family. We’re here to help!